About Camo

At Camo we are specialized in high end retouching, photography & project management.

Especially the combination, is our power. 

Welcome at Camo


About Camo


Camo specializes in high-end photography and retouching. We are a streamlined organisation with lots of experience with a passion for creating high-end images that are used in national and international campaigns. Our combination of efficient project management, highly skilled retouchers and in-house resources has proven to be an exceptionally powerful formula. Our images are used in digital and print campaigns worldwide.


Not only are we resourceful, we also have the resources. Our 300m2 studio, equipped with state of the art, professional hardware provides us with the tools needed to make the most out of any project. If, for instance, a project calls for two separate studios, we have the space and equipment to split our studio into two complete fully functioning units. Annexed to the studio is a fully equipped kitchen, lounge and dining area for our clients.


Camo is up to the task, whether it is a retouch only job, or a full-fletched production including set building, photography, styling & retouching. Our project manager keeps a close eye on all projects, and makes sure everything is done in time while maintaining the highest quality standards. 


History of Camo


After 25 years of successfully working as a project manager at Souverein Weesp B.V. Wilma van der Laan (owner of Camo) decided to start her own company which would allow her to follow her own vision. 


The team of colleagues she had always worked with decided to join her in this adventure and together they built a new, successful company, now known as Camo.


Who works at Camo?


Wilma van der Laan - Owner/Project manager

Joop Groen - Photographer

Sjoerd Piepenbrink - Head of the retouching department

Jan Bieshaar - Retoucher

Steef Buis - Retoucher 

Lody de Geer - Junior Retoucher & Model


Camo also controls a database of skilled freelance retouchers who regularly work for us.


Clients we work for